Tap Water and Tuna Party

Karate Petshop

$ 9.99

Matthew Foltz-Gray's award-winning comic strip Spirit of the Staircase is the story of Matt (a human) and his best friend Mumford (a furry creature of indeterminate species) and the everyday adventures they have in the semi-magical realm of Knoxville, TN. Tap Water and Tuna Party collects the first year of the weekly Spirit of the Staircase comic strip and includes commentary and original art by Foltz-Gray not available anywhere else.

"It’s funny, capable of originality, and arguably the best-looking strip I’ve seen in the newsprint format since Bill Watterson put down the weekly pen in 1995." - Justin Wood

"...Tap Water and Tuna Party’s art is full of fun and energy, while at the same time feeling original and soulful in a way few comic strips ever reach visually." - Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press

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